Welcome to Packer-Mania

Welcome to Packermania! Packermania is a five-week summer school course for upper elementary-aged students (entering grades 5,6, and 7). The theme of the class is the Green Bay Packers. The theme is integrated into the curriculum of the class. The curricular areas covered include: oral language, art, writing, reading, physical education, math, media, technology, and social studies. Teaching this class has been a pleasure, and from my observation, it has been a pleasure for the students as well.

I had several goals for this class. I wanted the kids to have fun and learn a lot at the same time. I also wanted the theme of the class to motivate the students to learn and excel. I want to show “the world” how great our school is, and our kids are. I want our school to be a place where kids want to be. This fits in to our school mission statement. I want kids to learn about and experience Packer history, and history in general. I wanted this class to be a bridge for students, to provide for a smooth transition into the next grade level. I wanted the kids to learn and practice the meaning of good sportsmanship, and being part of a team. I wanted other teachers to use the Packermania website as a resource, and possibly teach their own Packermania class someday! Last, but not least, I wanted each child learn how to be the ultimate Packer fan!

There are basically seven components to the class. Each day has the same schedule, with exceptions in the case of special events, such as field trips, or invitations from other classes. The day begins with one hour in the computer lab. After that, we went outside for “Training Camp” (physical education) for 30 minutes. Next, we came inside and viewed various games from Packer history, both past and present. I always provided a video guide, which I put together on my own, so that the students would keep focused on the game they were watching. These guides are on our website. This lasted about 30 minutes each day. After the video, we had crafts for 30 minutes. There are pictures of the crafts on the arts and crafts section of our website. We had a half hour for lunch and recess. After that, we had an hour to work on the newsletter. Students (and teachers) learned what it is like to have a deadline to meet. On Thursdays and Fridays, the class practiced for their weekly television show, with the final taping on Friday. After the newsletter / t.v. time, students did their DPM (Daily Packer Math). At the end of the day, students had a daily wrap-up, which was time for handing out notes for home, cleaning up, etc.

I used a wide variety of resources for this class. I purchased game tapes from Packer City Antiques. They even donated magnetic Packer schedules when they heard this was for a class. They had every game available that I requested. If you decide to teach a class like this, they are a great resource. The video guides, and other guides are available on the website. I put those together. Also, some of our DPM sheets are on the website too. Almost everything we did in class is on the website, so check it out when you can. I hope you like it.
We were extremely lucky for several reasons, which are not included in the lesson plans (also on our website). First, I was very fortunate to contact Chester Marcol, a kicker for the Packers in the 70’s and 80’s. I first spoke to Chester’s lovely wife Carole, and she gave me his address, and she also mentioned that if the kids wanted anything autographed, to send it along with their letters. Chester called me a few days later, and he told me that he would send more than enough autographed pictures for each student in the class, in addition to the items sent by the kids for him to sign. He said he has never turned down a request for an autograph, and he never will. Second, a representative of the Bowler Bus Company donated 6 tickets to the Packers / Patriots preseason game on August 26th, to our class. Tickets were given to the top three students. A point system was used, and was based on attendance, participation, and behavior. Each student received a pair of tickets, so an adult could take them to the game. I have access to game tickets, and I will meet the kids there. None of the kids have ever been to a Packer game before. In one case, a student’s grandma is going with him, and she has never been to a Packer game either. She was very excited when she heard that her grandson had tickets to the game. Third, this is a small rural school district, and Bernard Holsey, an NFL player, holds a football camp here at our school. It is free of charge, and a rare and wonderful opportunity for kids from Bowler and other surrounding areas. We are extremely lucky for other reasons as well, and I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to teach this class, and to have had such great kids participate in it.

In closing, I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this class: Ms. Miller, for teaching the class with me, Ms. Glenetske for all the technical help, Bowler School, for allowing me the opportunity to teach this class, the Bowler Bus Company for the donation of Packer game tickets, Bernard Holsey for allowing our class to participate in his football camp, Mrs. Newcomb for substitute teaching, and most of all, the kids who took the class. I had so much fun teaching you! I learned a lot myself. You made the class fun for me too! Thank you very much!

Mrs. Mueller