Nutrition Education Resources

Nutrition Nuggets and Fact Sheets:

Nutrition Nuggets are short educational videos which include history, health benefits, and fun facts of a specific fruit or vegetable. Great for use during Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program snack time! To view the approximately 3 minute long Nutrition Nuggets video, simply click on the name of the fruit or vegetable. If no link is available, the video has not been recorded yet. To view the video's script, click on "Script." To access the fruit or vegetable fact sheet, click on "Fact Sheet."

Apple - Script - Fact Sheet

Grapefruit - Script - Fact Sheet

Pear - Script - Fact Sheet

Banana - Script - Fact Sheet

Green Beans - Script - Fact Sheet

Pineapple - Script - Fact Sheet

Blueberry - Script - Fact Sheet

Jicama - Script - Fact Sheet

Plum - Script - Fact Sheet

Bell Pepper - Script - Fact Sheet

Kiwifruit - Script - Fact Sheet

Pomegranate - Fact Sheet

Broccoli - Script - Fact Sheet

Kohlrabi - Fact Sheet

Radish - Script - Fact Sheet

Cantaloupe - Script - Fact Sheet

Lemon - Script - Fact Sheet

Raspberry - Script - Fact Sheet

Carrot - Script - Fact Sheet

Lettuce - Script - Fact Sheet

Star Fruit - Script - Fact Sheet

Cauliflower - Script - Fact Sheet

Lime - Script - Fact Sheet

Strawberry - Fact Sheet

Celery - Script - Fact Sheet

Nectarine - Fact Sheet

Spinach - Script - Fact Sheet

Cherry - Script - Fact Sheet

Mango - Script - Fact Sheet

Sugar Snap Pea - Fact Sheet

Cranberry - Script - Fact Sheet

Orange - Script - Fact Sheet

Sweet Potato - Fact Sheet

Cucumber - Script - Fact Sheet

Papaya - Script - Fact Sheet

Tomato - Fact Sheet

Grape - Script - Fact Sheet

Peach - Script - Fact Sheet

Watermelon - Fact Sheet


Puzzles and Games

       Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches

o   Worksheets

o   Answer Key


o   Chatterbox Sample

o   Chatterbox Template

       Name That Fruit Flashcards


       Fruit and Veggie Songs


       Fruit and Veggie Jokes

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Playground Games



Fruit and Vegetable Information

       Fruits and Veggies - More Matters

       Dole Food Facts A-Z

       Harvest of the Month Elements

       Pick a Better Snack and Act

       Snack Ideas

Lesson Plans

       California Department of Public Health - Fruit and vegetable lesson plans for 4th and 5th grades

       Crunch The Numbers - Do More Math, Eat More Fruits & Veggies

       Cruciferous Crusaders - Language arts, math, social studies, science/health lessons

       Florida Department of Education - Language arts, math, science, etc.

       Indiana Department of Public Instruction - Language arts, math, science, etc.

       Monthly Pick a Better Snack and Act Lessons - Lessons for K-5th grades

       Nutrition Expedition - Free nutrition lessons for 2nd and 4th grade, classroom calendars, activities, etc.

       Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom - Lesson plans, classroom activities, grant opportunities, and more

Nutrition Education Resources

       The Wisconsin Nutrition Education Standards (PreK-12) - These standards provide guidance to educators who teach children about good nutrition and healthy behaviors, as well as guidance to parents, community and administrators to support local and state nutrition education efforts.

       Wisconsin Team Nutrition - This program is an integrated, behavior-based, comprehensive plan for promoting the nutritional health of the Wisconsin's school children.

       Team Nutrition - An abundance of resources from USDA

o   Description: ewUSDA Garden Curriculum – The USDA is offering these interactive and exploratory lessons for 3rd-6th graders as a creative way to connect school gardens with nutrition messages in the classroom, school cafeteria, and at home.  Visit for the full garden-based education curriculum and all TN education resources.

o   Fruits and Vegetables Galore - Comprehensive tool for purchasing through promoting fruits and vegetables

o   Fruit and Vegetable Bulletin Board Resources

       Community Connections - Schools can advertise for a Wisconsin dietetic student to assist with their nutrition projects and wellness initiatives.

       Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP) - This organization has nutrition coordinators and educators that may be available to help with nutrition education in your school. This link will connect you with a list coordinators and educators in your county.

       Dole Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Planner - Your one stop for getting students and staff involved. This resource includes fruit and vegetable facts, theme weeks with lesson plans, activities and promotional ideas.

       Enjoying the Harvest - Journey to Wisconsin's Harvest - A 24-page activity book created by the Wisconsin Fresh Market Vegetable Growers Association. There are free copies available to teachers who request the booklets.


       Fruit and Veggie Color Champions - Online games and activities for students

       Get Smart, Play, and Decorate with Blueberries - Blueberry-themed activity sheets featuring games, fun facts, and activities for developing math and language skills

       P.A.C.K. Week (Pack Assorted Colors for Kids) - A week long activity that can be promoted anytime during the school year

o   Welch's

       Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) - Educators' Tools

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